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CLOSED – WIN – a gorgeous Snowman and the Snowdog set

This competition is now closed.

What a gorgeous prize we have for you in the run up to Christmas – this beautiful The snowman and The Snowdog set.

snowman and snowdog competition

The prize consists of a plush snowman and snowdog, a copy of the original soundtrack to The Snowman and The Snowdog, a pencil with a snowdog topper, a Snowman pencil case, a Snowman and the Snowdog stationary set and a lovely Snowman and the Snowdog activity set where you can colour in your own cards and envelopes, make a Snowman garland, a Snowman mobile and snowflakes.

This set is so utterly adorable that I want to keep it all for myself. It would make a wonderful Christmas present for any Snowman and Snowdog fans.

To enter the competition just follow the instructions on the box below.

Terms and conditions

Competition closes midnight on 2nd December 2013.
The prize is a plush snowman and snowdog, a copy of the original soundtrack to The Snowman and The Snowdog, a pencil with a snowdog topper, a Snowman pencil case, a Snowman and the Snowdog stationary set and a lovely Snowman and the Snowdog activity set.
The prize comes as a bundle and goes to one winner
Open to UK residents only
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered

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  1. i know everyone will say it but it is the snowman, i cant wait to watch it this year. it will be my little moo’s first time watching it x

  2. I have to confess i don’t really watch specific programmes at Christmas if the TV goes on at all it’s usually for the kids to watch whatever DVD Santa has brought round for the girls xoxox

  3. my fave is the snow man
    anna m recently posted…Baby and Toddler Gift GuideMy Profile

  4. We love The Polar Express.
    Red Rose Mummy recently posted…Running the Gauntlet on the Nursery RunMy Profile

  5. Miracle on 34th Street

  6. Margaret moe Dunlop

    bernard and the genie

  7. The Snowman on tv and The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree on DVD, magical.

  8. The Doctor Who christmas special. :)

  9. I love the film Scrooged

  10. Coronation Street and specials like last years Ab Fab xx

  11. The Muppets Christmas Carol

  12. The Snowman x

  13. As well as the Snowman I always look for a version of The Christmas Carol :)

  14. Home Alone, we watch it every Christmas Eve without fail

  15. It’s a toss up between The Holiday and Love Actually… oh and Elf… though I can watch Elf at any time of the year!!
    Sim @ Sims Life recently posted…Embracing The Bump… **My Profile

  16. It really is the Snowman. I know there are some lovely films but this is the one that I remember watching with my mum every year. It holds such special memories for me.

  17. Santa clause the movie

  18. Elf, its a genius film
    Buddy: Santa! Oh my god! Santa’s coming! I know him! I know him!
    Ha ha ha!!

  19. We loved The Snowman & the snowdog last Christmas, hope they will show it again this time. I haven’t got any specific favourite, but we watch the original Snowman DVD every year, and I also love Back to the future, that’s another film that I love watching at Christmas
    Galina V recently posted…Dhruv Baker’s Perfect Chicken CurryMy Profile

  20. National lampoons Christmas vacation

  21. It’s a Wonderful Life – you can’t beat it at Xmas!

  22. The Polar Express x

  23. Elf – we love it !!xx

  24. The Christmas Toy by Jim Henson, I introduced to my little boy last year and he loved it

  25. The Snowman

  26. One magic Christmas

  27. I like watching Love Actually

  28. A typical Christmas movie, the sound of music maybe

  29. It’s a Wonderful Life :)
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted…Books Are For Everyone ~ Save Bury LibraryMy Profile

  30. it has to be snowman its a classic we watched as children and shows the true magic of xmas and its spirit

  31. Santa Claus The Movie – Christmas films are the best :)

  32. Royle Family x

  33. the wizard of oz

  34. polar express – almost makes me believe in santa again !

  35. I love jingle all the way!

  36. Anything Disney! We love Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas!
    Inside the Wendy House recently posted…Vanilla Maple and Pecan Cookie RecipeMy Profile

  37. Home Alone

  38. I love the Grinch

  39. Love watching the santa claus movies, watch them every year, might watch one now, xxx

  40. Miracle on 34th Street

  41. Love the Snowman, always been my favourite

  42. Its a wonderful life or Polar Express. :D

  43. I don’t know why but I am going to say Annie, always gets me in the mood for Christmas

  44. I love watching father Christmas. When we get to summer i always think about him living it up in Las Vegas :) lol

  45. The Polar Express, love this film

  46. mrs miracle

  47. The snowman & the snow dog – recorded it last year, and my girls have watched it regularly ever since!

  48. It’s got to be Elf for me :)

  49. Mircale on 34th Street

  50. Elf The Movie we love watching it

  51. I love watch A Christmas carol and I love the soaps over the festive period too, as they always have great story lines! I also love the Christmas Specials such as Doctor Who and Top of the Pops!

  52. Too many good films to watch at Christmas but my favourite is probably Home Alone 2

  53. The snowman always loved it as a child now watch it with my kids

  54. Our fav is Elf we love it. It is so silly and heartwarming.

  55. Gladiators


  57. A Muppets Christmas Carol

  58. Serendipity
    Attachment Mummy recently posted…Baby Changing BagsMy Profile

  59. I like The Royle Family Christmas specials

  60. Elf! It’s a funny family film :)

  61. It’s A Wonderful Life

  62. I’m looking forward to watching the Xmas episode of Downton Abbey.

  63. Only fools & horses is a Christmas must for us :)

  64. Have to admit with so much going on I tend to have a music channel on playing Xmas songs.

  65. The Snowman

  66. The Snowman for all the family and Downton Abbey just for me

  67. Polar Express x

  68. The Snowman – been watching it for years

  69. I do love watching The Snowman and also Raymond Briggs – Father Christmas

  70. grainne marnell-fox

    the snowman…. its a tradition that we all sit and watch it whilst talking to family in Ireland who will watch it at the same time. We have done this since my children were tots, the eldest is now 17 and we still do it!

  71. It’s a Wonderful Life

  72. The Snowman. It is so beautiful and a kind of British Icon like post boxes, robins and red London buses.

  73. Has to be the snowman – love elf and home alone too though !


  75. The muppets christmas carol is a classic :)

  76. The Snowman

  77. Home Alone it’s Christmas it’s our tradition to watch it now!

  78. Absolutely love Elf!

  79. Mary Poppins :)

  80. snowman :)

  81. Has to be Elf..santa i know him!!!!

  82. Eastender/Corrie depending on the story line

  83. I love the snowman.

  84. everything Christmassy but It’s a wonderful life has to be watched on Christmas Eve

  85. re runs of friends christmas episodes

  86. Its got to be The Wizard Of Oz

  87. I like the Queens speech, it only happens at Christmas

  88. The Wizard of Oz – watched it every christmas morning when I was a kid.

  89. we love shrek the halls at xmas

  90. Sarah-Louise Brady

    Miracle on 34th street- 1994

  91. For me its either The Polar Express or The Snowman!

  92. the polar express

  93. national lampoons christmas vacation

  94. Elf and Home alone

  95. santa clause the movie

  96. Snowman and the polar express

  97. The Polar Express

  98. the snowman or the gruffalo

  99. Got to be the snowman this is what we watched every christmas as a child

  100. LOVE The Muppets Christmas Carol

  101. Th snowman defo!

  102. time team, as always!

  103. Got to be the grinch and home alone the real spirit of xmas

  104. Muppet Christmas Carol, I could watch it all year in fact

  105. the nightmare before christmas

  106. we love Polar express and miracle on 34th street x

  107. I love the santa paws film or the classic santa claus the movie x

  108. All the Christmas specials and soaps :)

  109. The Doctor Who Christmas episode :) Always make sure we’re all ready to sit down for it starting!

  110. Looking forward to Doctor Who

  111. We all loved Room on The Broom last year – it was perfect timing for my little one as we’d not long had the book to read :)

  112. Eastenders !

  113. Hope the finals of Strictly come dancing counts


  115. Muppets Christmas Carol

  116. Miracle on 34th Street :-)

  117. Its a Wonderful Life

  118. Always watch The Snowman, but have enjoyed Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas for the last few years now- not my choice!!

  119. The gruffalo

  120. A Miracle on 34th Street with Richard Attenborough

  121. Santa Claus the movie

  122. Home Alone always gets me in the festive mood!

  123. Santa Claus the movie

  124. Starry (@Orangeblossom78)

    We have to watch Miracle on 34th Street. Lovely film.

  125. home alone

  126. Its a wonderful life.

  127. The Royale Family Christmas Specials, love them!

  128. little women lovely but also sad story

  129. Svetlana Lemantovic

    Miracle on 34th Street

  130. Love love the snowman will be watching it with my one year son for the first time xxx

  131. national lampoons christmas vacation

  132. It has to be home alone and it doesn’t matter how many times it’s watched it never gets boring

  133. I like any of the first couple of Toy Story films and they are on every Christmas.

  134. A Christmas carol

  135. Nightmare before christmas

  136. Santa Clause The Movie

  137. Jingle All The Way!

  138. Miracle on 34th street

  139. polar express


    The Grinch

  141. The Snowman.

  142. The Polar Express puts me in a Christmassy mood :)

  143. katrina day-reilly

    looking forward to the downton abbey christmas special

  144. I like the Christmas adverts and the xmas specials oh and of course the xmas movies. x

  145. Jingle All The Way

  146. Home Alone is always the firm favourite in this house :)

  147. It’s a wonderful life

  148. Miracle on 34th Street, It was the first film my husband and I saw together at the cinema when we first got together

  149. Sounds a bit dry but we love the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures – they’re actually really fun and entertaining.

  150. santa clause the movie

  151. Deck the Halls! Its so funny!

  152. mary poppins

  153. Home alone

  154. Personally my fave is Bad Santa but as for family films its the 80s Santa Claus The Movie soooo magical x

  155. Home Alone and Mary Poppins I always end up seeing :) but love watching Santa Claus

  156. I love watching the re-runs of Only Fools and Horses; they’re hilarious.

  157. I love Home Alone

  158. Victoria Ann Entwistle

    The Muppets Christmas Carol

  159. stephanie campbell

    miracle on 34th street, would not be christmas without it

  160. was always the muppets Christmas carol for me :) every year now am older I still get excited to watch it haha

  161. Eastenders……..I love the drama!! lol x

  162. Miracle on 34th Street.

  163. We love loads, Elf, Home Alone, Muppets Christmas Carol and The Snowman are some of our faves!

  164. raymond briggs’ father christmas! with love, faye xx

  165. The Polar Express

  166. Muppet Christmas Carol – watch it every year without fail :-)

  167. We love Arthur Christmas, Elf and it’s a wonderful life

  168. We love elf

  169. The Santa Clause

  170. I love Elf and The Polar Express – love them!!!

  171. A Muppet Christmas Carol – I absolutely adore it! x
    Melanie C recently posted…Kindle Bargains (#29)My Profile

  172. Muppet Christmas Carol.

  173. The Polar Express

  174. National lampoons Christmas vacation

  175. Miracle on 34th Street

  176. Elf. Hilarious and soooo Christmas!

  177. Polar express
    Sarah Mcknight recently posted…Halloween CupcakesMy Profile

  178. Polar Express!

  179. Kristy Leanne Brown

    Home Alone

  180. we love home alone! “look what you did you little jerk” makes me lol everytime! :/

  181. Home Alone always reminds me of Christmas as a kid!

  182. The snowman – And oliver twist xx

  183. Polar express
    Alison recently posted…The Passage of TimeMy Profile

  184. Downton Abbey, I can’t wait …

  185. My little girl loves the snowman – it’s our family favourite

  186. Snowman

  187. Apart from the Dr Who special, I can’t wait to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s one of my all time favourite films.

  188. Muppets Christmas Carol

  189. The Santa clause

  190. father christmas

  191. Home alone

  192. I love watching The Snowman every year – I have watched it ever since I was a child

  193. we love the movie Elf :)

  194. Downton Abbey christmas special

  195. Miracle on 34th Street!

  196. Used to be only fools and horses

  197. ELF

  198. The Snowman!

  199. Annamarie Riddiford

    scrooge x

  200. The muppets christmas carol!

  201. polar express

  202. The Muppet Christmas Carol

  203. Wizard of Oz – family tradition since I was a kid.
    rachael jess recently posted…Fab Online Christmas Shopping WebsiteMy Profile

  204. Home Alone :)

  205. scrooged

  206. Home Alone

  207. I love to watch Scrooge,we all sit down together and watch it!

  208. Jack Frost

  209. It’s a toss up between It’s a Wonderful Life and The Muppets Christmas Carol. Both awesome Christmas films! xx

  210. Downton Abbey

  211. miracle on 34th street

  212. It’s between Downton Abbey and the Dr Who Christmas specials

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