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CLOSED – WIN a Fantastic Bundle of Toys from Galt Toys

This competition is now closed.

Galt Toys know a thing or two about designing toys that encourage children to learn and play all whilst having fun. They make toys for babies right up to craft and science toys for all ages. And because Galt Toys know that Christmas can be such an expensive time of year they have given us a bundle of some of their lovely toys to give away to one lucky winner.

galt toys bundle

Face Painting

galt toys face painting

Enter the world of make-believe as a dog, tiger or butterfly. Ideal for fancy dress parties, discos or sports events. The face paints wash off with soap and water. Contents: make-up palette, 7 face paint discs, 5 face paint sticks, 2 pots of glitter gel, 2 brushes, 2 sponges, stencils, guide. This face painting set from Galt Toys is £10.99.

Fantastic Foil Art

foil art from galt toys

Create 12 foil pictures and 40 foil stickers. Simply peel off a section from your picture, place the foil over the sticky area, rub with your finger and the sparkly foil transfers to your picture. Contents: 40 foil sheets in 8 assorted colours, 12 pictures, 3 sheets with 40 stickers, guide. This lovely foil art set from Galt Toys is £10.99


Snakes & Ladders and Ludo

snakes & ladders and ludo galt toys

Two traditional family games for 2 to 4 players, beautifully illustrated with fun animal themes. Jungle animals will help or hinder your progress on the Snakes & Ladders board. When playing Ludo, become an explorer in the Arctic, African Plains, Tropical Rainforest or Coral Sea. Contents: double-sided playing board, counters, shaker, dice, game instructions. this lovely snakes and ladders & ludo set is just £6.99 from Galt Toys.

Win these fabulous toys from Galt Toys

We have one of each of these toys to give away as a bundle to one lucky winner. They would excellent presents for Christmas and are a surefire way to brighten up any rainy day. To enter the competition simply follow follow the instruction in the box below. Good luck.

Term and conditions

Competition closes midnight on 30th November 2013.
The prize is one face paint set, one foil art set and one snakes & ladders and ludo set from Galt toys.
The prize comes as a bundle and goes to one winner
Open to UK residents only
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered

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  1. making card :)

  2. making owls out of pasta
    Louise Fairweather recently posted…Struggling to be SocialMy Profile

  3. glueing and sticking on cards especially with glitter

  4. clay. mum still has a basket I made 31 yrs ago :)

  5. papier mache on a balloon, making chains out of paper, colouring!

  6. I used to love toys like barbies and my space hopper when I was a kid. I also loved My Little Pony and Care Bears.

  7. Joanna Butler-Savage

    altair mosaics – I would spend hours colouring in

  8. i love knitting and sewing, remember sitting with my gran doing this for hours.

  9. i liked anything with glitter… and i still do!

  10. making pom poms

  11. Painting with my fingers and getting messy x

  12. I used to love cutting up old christmas cards which my mum kept yearly and making gift tags

  13. papier mache was always fun :)

  14. I spent many hours building model aircraft

  15. Christmas decorations in school, more specifically those paper chains :)

  16. They love paper mache at the mo! messy!

  17. i used to love paper macheing

  18. Painting

  19. Painting

  20. Papier mache!! Messy, but super fun :)

  21. I loved doing sequins by numbers

  22. I loved gluing things, anything! lol paper, glitter, fluff! anything i could find lol

  23. Nontyatyambo Mbangatha


  24. Making shell windchimes :)

  25. Batik and rug making. I love Galt toys – my mother used to run a Galt toy shop in Belgium years ago so they bring back happy memories for me.

  26. sewing making toys

  27. making little models out of clay and shaker makers!!

  28. Making cards!

  29. cross stitch

  30. Pressing flowers then sticking them on card

  31. Drawing and painting :)

  32. making paper chains and drawing

  33. Making stuff out of papier mache

  34. Making paper chain dolls, making my own books and cards

  35. I loved paining an drawing.

  36. Flower pressing

  37. Papier mache heads

  38. Anything with glitter glue

  39. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Anything and everything particularly if it was messy!

  40. paint by numbers

  41. I Loved woidwork!

  42. woodwork

  43. Used to love fuzzy felt and general knick knacky stuff such as making paper chains at Christmas.

  44. potato painting!

  45. candle making

  46. Making magazines and books for friends

  47. knitting and sewing

  48. I used to love making things with play doh

  49. Knitting and sewing

  50. knitting and painting xx

  51. plastercine

  52. making paper chains for christmas x

  53. Salt dough and shrinky dinks

  54. i used to make pom poms

  55. Making scrap books!

  56. Anything with Plasticine or Play Doh

  57. Playdoh was a particular favourite.

  58. I used to love painting even with water outside :)

  59. Used to love making christmas decorations with my Nana – really looking forward to doing it with my daughter when she’s old enough.
    Alexandra Smith recently posted…Baby Sleep Tips – What Worked for UsMy Profile

  60. Painting by numbers and potters wheel!

  61. painting by numbers

  62. Making book marks, cards and gift tags out of old Christmas and Birthday Cards, using zig zagged scissors

  63. I loved all crafts :) and still doing crafty things now with my kiddies :)

  64. I enjoyed knitting and cutting clothes out of catalogues and making new outfits.

  65. paperchains at christmas

  66. any art and craft

  67. I loved to scrap book.

  68. I loved potato printing and making things out of egg boxes!

  69. making cards using photos

  70. Knitting and Crochet

  71. making cards

  72. I loved making Greetings Cards

  73. salt dough moudling

  74. anything that involves mess. still the same

  75. scrapbooking

  76. just drawing everywhere with markers

  77. Plaster moulding

  78. Making clay items at school

  79. Making things from old christmas cards, colouring in (still love it!) and I also used to like copying the things they made on Blue Peter :)

  80. Gluing, sticking and painting

  81. Knitting but am still rubbish at it. lol

  82. Anything that involved glue and glitter!

  83. Knitting

  84. I enjoyed making cards and my own wrapping paper

  85. I loved all crafts but prefered baking or gluing and sticking!

  86. i loved sewing. my mother made soft toys for the school raffles. i had my own materials and made things as she did. i now do the same with my daughter.

  87. Pom pom making and crochet

  88. All of it!!
    Especially loved making things with primo

  89. Knitting, usually simple thing like scarfs. Wasnt very good

  90. I loved all crafts. One of my favorites was paper making
    SusanD crochet addict uk recently posted…Guest Blogger Week 89 Felt MagicalMy Profile

  91. I used to love those felt colouring in pictures, my mum would buy them
    from our local market & i used to love sitting at home on a Saturday colouring it in.

  92. Pasta jewellery

  93. Paper Mache – but with now PVA glue, just flour and water, it did smell a bit.

  94. Making paper chains and other Christmas decorations!

  95. Used to love painting and around this time of year making snowflakes bu cutting paper, love this xx

  96. My sister’s and I used to enjoy knitting and sewing AND I still can’t sew to save my life – but at the time I did enjoy trying.

  97. I used to love making mosaics

  98. Making things with Fimo.

  99. Using potatoes for stamps when painting

  100. scrapbooks of car postcards

  101. Catherine McAlinden

    I used to love knitting, can’t do it anymore though!

  102. we used to make our classmates out of toilet roll holders and material

  103. Painting

  104. using the “knitting doll” to make all my teddies scarves!!

  105. Knitting and fuzzy felts. x

  106. I used to love making cards and pictures with different papers

  107. I loved making paper chains for Christmas decorations

  108. painting

  109. Painting and cross stitch

  110. Knitting and flower making

  111. i didn’t do a lot as i hated getting my hands dirty! i did love painting though
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…World Prematurity Day – 17th November 2013My Profile

  112. painting

  113. Pressing flowers

  114. making our own decorations at christmas and for birthdays!

  115. cutting and sticking – collages

  116. cutting pics from a toy catalogues and sticking them

  117. anything involving glitter and glue

  118. Making paper!

  119. Paper Mache was always a favorite xoxox

  120. I loved stickers and glitter!
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted…Christmas Gifts For AdultsMy Profile

  121. Making those things out of folded paper where you have to pick a colour then count to eight then lift the flap and there’s a joke or dare underneath. What were they called?

  122. Sewing and knitting

  123. i used to love quilling

  124. Weaving raffia to make table mats

  125. I went through a spell of buying furry animal kits to sew.

  126. Making pompoms!

  127. I loved making christmas decorations from empty toilet rolls!

  128. Making a scrap book

  129. Cross stitching

  130. got hooked on making matchstick models took ages but lots of fun

  131. I was forever making cards and labels

  132. I loved making peg doll people and also velvet art

  133. Drawing

  134. Loved painting by numbers

  135. making pom poms and sock puppets

  136. airfix kits

  137. Making rockets from loo roll tubes

  138. I used to love making designs with Hama beads :)


    Glueing and sticking pictures

  140. Mum gave us a wooden thread reel with 4 little nails in the top and a ball of wool. We used to sit for hours making a long wooly tail that grew from the bottom of the thread reel. Can’t remember the name of it but we had hours of fun! :)

  141. I used to love anything crafty – card making, model molding, painting by numbers -
    really useful as i grew up to be a graphic designer! :)

  142. sock puppets

  143. Stephanie Whitehouse

    making corn dollies with long paper straws

  144. I loved using clay

  145. I used to love making paper chains

  146. I loved finger and sponge painting x

  147. I used to love my children’s Tapestry sets !

  148. I used to love Origami

  149. knitting

  150. knitting for my teddys

  151. Patchwork and making things with bits and pieces from out of the garden.I also liked flower pressing.

  152. My nan used to make crochet squares with me so that she could make blankets, my children have some too :)

  153. making purfume with rose petals

  154. Paper Mache was loads of fun

  155. I use to love painting

  156. Colouring in country cottages and the foil pictures :) xxx

  157. making cardboard puppets

  158. Making paper aeroplanes

  159. Painting!

  160. Getting creative with egg packets, empty cereal boxes and plastic bottles. Glue, paint and a lot of imagination lol

  161. Loved painting and collage

  162. I loved baking does that count?

  163. making pom poms

  164. Tie dye in the garden and junk modelling x

  165. Modelling with clay

  166. Paper mâché :)

  167. Cutting & sticking with PVA! Used to make scrapbooks of my favourite pop stars :)

  168. Paper Mache only to find I was allergic to newspaper print

  169. clay modelling

  170. Papier mache

  171. knitting and making christmas cards

  172. home made cards

  173. Cutting up newspapers and magazines for collage and papier mache.

  174. I loved modeling things from clay! Xxx

  175. scrapbooking

  176. Making papier mache pigs with balloons and newspaper in wallpaper paste!

  177. potato printing

  178. Making a loom from a shoe box and weaving little mats with wool

  179. Making paper chains

  180. Making my own paper chain Christmas decorations

  181. I used to love knitting, crocheting and making pom poms – and am now teaching my 10 year old daughter to do the same!

  182. Bernadette Blundell

    finger painting

  183. cutting things from magazines and catalogues to make collages

  184. Cross stitch

  185. i was more into sport to be honest lol.. preferred running round a track and cross country.. but my daughters the opposite.. she loves anything that involves being creative.. painting, drawing building things decorating things..she would love this :)

  186. Anne Charlee Brookes

    i always loved painting.

  187. Mr potato head , sewing and knitting

  188. anything that made a mess n glitter

  189. Elizabeth Petrelli

    Cross Stitching

  190. Can`t remember what it is called but we used to get a cotton reel, put 4 nails in one end, get some wool and weave around the nails until the wool came out of the other. Think it might be called `French knitting` My sister and myself had hours of fun doing this.

  191. making paperchains at Christmas.

  192. making my own birthday cards.

  193. colouring and painting

  194. Keeley Louise Atkinson

    I loved painting dried pasta, and making necklaces and bracelets from it by threading onto elastic.

  195. painting …………….. well anything that got me messy!!!!!!!!!

  196. I used to love making peg dolls on a rainy day xx

  197. i used to have a jewellery making kit, just beads but i loved doing them for my friends

  198. Stickers and painting

  199. Playdoh

  200. I Remember making pom poms using two pieces of cardboard and wool !

  201. I loved basket weaving! (dont tell anyone!)

  202. I remember making potato prints with my mum. It was lots of fun, paint everywhere!

  203. I liked knitting, I had one of those little knitting dolls

  204. I used to love making pom pom characters.

  205. Making necklaces and bracelets with beads.
    Emma Bradshaw recently posted…Silent Sunday – 24/11/13My Profile

  206. blast from the past, I used to love fimo! but was so expensive so hardly got any

  207. Victoria Ann Entwistle

    Making Pom-Poms

  208. Painting

  209. I loved origami, quilling and making sticker books

  210. Making cards and baking

  211. I loved anything that i could colour in.

  212. Making fimo jewellery! :D

  213. paper mache and clay all the messy stuff

  214. stephanie campbell

    i used to love helping my nana decorate her dolls house and sometimes my granddad would bring a MASSIVE box home and loads of wallpaper cuttings (he worked in a decorating shop) so i could decorate my own life size dolls house with my nana. we had heaps of fun!

  215. papier mache on a balloon


    Anything that involved glitter and glue

  217. paper mache with balloons

  218. I used to like making little clay models and then putting them in the oven to harden and I used to love those colouring pictures with the black felt on (if you know what i mean!). x

  219. I loved those colour coded sequin pins you used to push into a foam or cork board to create a picture, I also loved salt dough creations :)

  220. I loved all things craft when I was a kid! I use to love my pottery wheel & clay models set, making arty things was my favourite thing to do :)

  221. everything! I remember doing loads of those velvet pictures the most though because we always did them when we went to visit out Grandma and Grandad :)

  222. Flower pressing

  223. Making cards for Christmas and Easter

  224. I used to love drawing and painting

  225. Loved making friendship bracelets

  226. I enjoyed cross stitch and painting by numbers :) x

  227. my children spent hours with play-do all the kits

  228. I loved making things to hang on the Christmas tree out of salt dough.

  229. Making cards

  230. Making friendship bracelets

  231. making pompoms :)

  232. I used to go and stay with my Nan every Summer and we always decorated paper doilies, and card making. I still love card making, it reminds me so much of that special time with my Nan (we still make cards for each other every birthday)

  233. I loved doing hot beads :)

  234. I used to love being creative with ‘fuzzy felt’!

  235. Knitting wonky scarves and crocheting square circles!

  236. Painting and anything that involved making a mess

  237. Painting with glitter

  238. Making things with paper mache

  239. Anything with glitter :)

  240. I used to love making things with papier mache and making little Fimo models.

  241. foilt art

  242. love making cards with the kids.

  243. I loved all crafts (and still do) but especially liked sewing, decoupage and drawing x

  244. painting :)

  245. dean jamieson-price

    mechano was my favourite toy

  246. paper mache. i always watched art attack when i came home from school :)

  247. anything to do with making things and painting

  248. Making my own christmas cards each year. Was a combination of clipart, glitter glues and colouring in and took ages especially in the years before I had a colour printer!

  249. I loved played with fussy felt, pipe cleaners and pigs. Used to make finger puppets and peg dolls

  250. making birthday and Christmas cards

  251. I used to love all things arty! I used to knit, cross stitch, make friendship bracelets, draw, paint……

  252. I remember making pom poms with my mum as a child, we made pom pom chicks at Easter and pom pom Snowmen at Christmas time.

  253. I really liked, clay modelling and paper mache

  254. Painting

  255. drawing

  256. French Knitting and making pompoms

  257. paint by numbers

  258. making xmas cards

  259. finger painting!

  260. I used to make all my cards when I was younger – lots of glitter glue and card! :)

  261. i lived knitting and making clothes for my dolls

  262. I used to make cards :)

  263. For some bizarre reason, I used to love making anything with pipe cleaners!

  264. French knitting and anything to do with glitter and ribbons!

  265. I loved watching Art Attack and recreating what I saw! :)

  266. Papier mache, making pictures with pasta bits, painting. x

  267. I loved all crafts – origami, quilling, cross stitch, painting and drawing, knitting, sewing…

  268. Maybe bot a craft but i always loved baking with my mum – i still do now if shes cooking when i go over i always have to have stir :)

  269. I loved cross stitching….still do. In fact anything to do with crafting! xx

  270. i used to make homemade cards with my mum, then we did scrapbooks and i used to enjoy simple cross stitching too (now i do the huge ones with tiny stitches that take forever to do)

  271. Making Xmas cards

  272. I loved papier mâché

  273. Drawing

  274. Drawing and painting

  275. Making christmas decoration! Ya know the ones, them daft paper chains!

  276. paper mache

  277. Airfix models, remember doing one of Henry VIII :-D

  278. I used to love making Origami. Still do

  279. Papier Mache, potato prints and painting by numbers

  280. I loved making Felt pictures

  281. making corn dollies

  282. making friendship bracelets out of string or wool

  283. Glueing, sticking and glitter :-)

  284. Face painting

  285. I loved mosaic tiling, I used to decorate vases, pots, picture frames then give them away for presents :-)

  286. Painting and sticking

  287. making woollen pom poms!!

  288. Does peeling the glue off my hands count? Pom poms were fun
    Really Rachel recently posted…#SilentSunday 24/11/13My Profile

  289. Anything with glitter x

  290. Katarzyna Szewczyk

    Lots of crafts. Painting, cutting, drawing and knitting.

  291. anything messy, i even do it now with my little girl :)

  292. Collecting stones to paint them x

  293. sewing xx

  294. potato printing

  295. making christmas decorations for our christmas tree

  296. making pom poms with my mum

  297. me and my daughter are always having craft days after school…….. even when she has friends over they all never go home empty handed :) she has redecorated my kitchen will them all stuck on the wall :)

  298. I used to enjoy making carnations out of tissue paper and wire stems

  299. Ruth Liddle-Howden

    making wool pompoms

  300. My daughter has just started sewing and making pom poms. Also loves drawing and painting

  301. making stuff out of salt dough

  302. Paper mache

  303. plasticine – used to have hours of fun at my nannys house making silly crazy things with her!

  304. I went through a stage where I loved quilling.

  305. Making paper chains and lanterns for Christmas.

  306. Weaving I am very old!

  307. Making pom poms

  308. cross stitch

  309. making friendship braclets with funky wool

  310. making jewellery :-)

  311. Model making

  312. I loved anything art and crafty

  313. Those colouring posters with velvet outlines :)

  314. clay! loved the stuff!

  315. Drawing

  316. i loved cross stitch as a child

  317. I enjoyed doing scraper foil and foil art pictures.

  318. Paint by numbers!

  319. painting and glueing x

  320. Making mosaic pictures and mosaic coasters loved it

  321. using a hole punch to make little round bits from mags, then glueing them on a card to make pictures!

  322. Jacqueline Roberts

    I used to love playing with my new crayons I got as a stocking filler every year

  323. claire matthews-curtis

    Making homemade gifts for family, I do it with my children now :)

  324. I used to love ‘Knitting Nancy’ – it was French Knitting, kept me entertained for hours!

  325. Anything to do with Lego

  326. Drawing & painting x

  327. I used to love bark rubbing with black paper and chalk (weird) haha

  328. Painting pebbles

  329. I enjoyed anything to do wih stitching & knitting

  330. Making jewellery x

  331. we love doing anything messy favorite at the moment is Paap Mache (don’t think thats spelt right sorry!,
    they love it and I find it quite theraputic

  332. painting—badly!

  333. paper straws…does anyone remember them?

  334. Colouring was always my favorite thing to do, then sticking :)

  335. painting, which I still enjoy now.

  336. I always loved fingerpainting as a child.

  337. I was a knitter still am but at slowly rate now I have a three year old.

  338. cross stitch xx

  339. none, as im the least artistic person i know, i cant even draw a matchstick man, but my 2 granddaughters are really good at drawing and painting.

  340. I enjoyed building model aeroplanes

  341. Making Chriistmas cards

  342. I loved sewing, I hate it now

  343. I loved those plaster casting kits which you then paint… I had them all :D

  344. cutting pictures out of mums magazines and sticking them to paper i had so much fun doing that

  345. I used to love everything from colouring those giant velvet pictures to makingmask and drawing my family!
    Leanne Nash recently posted…DAILY BLOG COMP: #WIN Bundle of Munchkin Bathtime Goodies *DAY 13*My Profile

  346. Drawing and making pompoms

  347. Woodwork

  348. I use to love making models… and then, the fun bit was peeling off the dried glue off my hands!

  349. I Loved to play cards, colouring and painting by numbers, play scrabble, had a Galt toy which was a hot wire that cut through polystyrene used to cut out shapes and decorate them had lots of gun with that;

  350. metal work

  351. I just loved getting a load of paper and glue and making little baskets and other bits

  352. making cards

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