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CLOSED – Tikkers Watch Review and Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed

Teaching my daughter to tell the time has been a bit of a lengthy process, and one that is still on going. Grasping the difference between quarter past, 15 minutes and 3 O’clock has been somewhat of a challenge for her. Until we got this fab Tikkers watch.


 tikkers watch review

Having the numbers on the outer rim including quarter and half has really helped as has having the ‘past’ and ‘to’ numbers in different colours. It’s been a great aid for jogging her memory and helping her learn with some confidence how to tell us what time it is.

The watch itself is a lovely  piece, the strap is velcro so it’s easy for her to put on and take off herself and it’s sturdy and strong. She has been wearing it most days to school for the last few weeks and we’ve not had any fraying or breakage at all.

The Tikkers watch comes in a varity of colours (pinks, reds, blues, greens and purples), straps (rip strap, buckle strap, rubber strap) and designs including Moshi Monsters, Hello Kitty, Mr Men & Little Miss designs to choose from.

Tikker watches for kids are sold for between around £13 and £25 from stockists such as, John Lewis, H Samuel, Debenhams, Fenwick Newcastle and Bentalls Kingston.

Win a Tikkers Kids Watch

We have one watch to giveaway to a lucky reader who can choose from a range of designs and colours provided on winning including Hello Kitty, Moshi Monsters, and Mr Men and Little Miss. To enter to win a lovely Tikkers watch simply follow the instructions ion the box below.

Good luck.

Terms and Conditions

Competition closes midnight on 16th December 2013.
The prize is a Tikkers watch in your choice of colour and design. The winner will be able to choose from a selection of possible watches.
Open to UK residents only
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered

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  1. I don’t wear a watch but only because it seemed to get in the way when i had the baby,changing and stuff. I need to get back into the habit now

  2. I only personally wear a watch if I’m going out, I use my phone more. Although I think it’s important kids can tell the time.

  3. christine shelley

    I always wear one. but fear it is – look at Joey on Im a Celeb – my daughter said on Monday to her teacher when asked how she knew the time, she said ” I look at my phone”

  4. I used to feel bare without a watch but now I never wear one and rely on my phone! Yes, I do think they are starting to wear out for everyday wear but people still like to buy dressy ones for going out.

  5. I use to alway wear a watch but don’t now. Prehap I should put one on my cgrustmas list.
    Samantha Dennis recently posted…Dusting down the decorations.My Profile

  6. I wear a watch from habit

  7. I wear a watch now and again, when I was young I always wore one, maybe it is dying out now and its a good idea to buy a small child one, I think they do teach them to tell the time x

  8. I wear a watch, would still be lost wihtout one.

  9. I wear one – I would be lost without it!

  10. i don’t go anywhere without my watch i hate not knowing the time

  11. I always wear a watch, keep looking at my empty arm when I forget

  12. I normally wear a watch but the battery has run and I miss it so much!

  13. I have not worn a watch for years i just use my mobile

  14. Yes I do. It’s less common to see someone wearing a watch now.

  15. I still wear a watch.Its part of my accessories.

  16. Yes I do wear a watch, but I think most people use phones instead now.
    Jayne T recently posted…Soreen ReviewMy Profile

  17. Svetlana Lemantovic


  18. I like to wear a watch, hate to be late


    I wear one but alot of people dont seem to now

  20. I don’t think they are dying out but I must admit I wear my watch less than I used to because I have my phone.

  21. I think we need them less but they are not dying but becoming more of a fashion accessory :)

  22. Yes I agree that mobiles are replacing watches

  23. I agree mobiles are taking over – but there are occasions where you just want a watch and not have to keep checking a phone xx

  24. No I haven’t worn a watch for a while as tend to use my phone

  25. Yes I agree that mobiles are replacing watches

  26. I don’t tend to wear a watch now, but I’m on maternity leave and theres a clock in every room, so no real point. But when I’m out and about I wear one, much easier than trying to find my mobile in the bottom of the changing bag to check the time.

  27. I don’t wear a watch but if I found the right watch I would.
    SusanD crochet addict uk recently posted…Cat Bib ~ Free Crochet PatternMy Profile

  28. yep mobiles have definitely taken over

  29. I stopped wearing a watch when my sin was born just over 6 years ago! I was always worried I’d scratch my baby with it! I use my phone to tell the time!

  30. I love to wear a watch

  31. I havent worn a watch for years,

  32. I haven’t worn a watch in ages to be honest and I do think it’s because I have my mobile phone with me all the time, if I didn’t have that I would certainly have a watch on always.

  33. I wear a watch but most people don’t bother and chose to use a phone instead xx

  34. I used to wear one all the time but never replaced it when it broke because I just look at my phone so yes I thnk it is dyeing out.

  35. No, simpply because i am allergic to the stainless steel backs. x

  36. I always wear one – i love having it handy

  37. used to always wear a watch but not had one for a few years

  38. i dont wear a watch and do agree that with mobiles watches are becoming a dying trend but i also think that when children are learning to tell the time it is a neccessity for them to have a watch

  39. I wear one – although now my nearly four year old fights me for it

  40. i always wear my watch if the battery dies im lost hate having to look at phone or ask folk time yuck

  41. Love to wear a watch when i go out

  42. I do, but i don’t carry a mobile, so i do need it to know the time.

  43. I always wear a watch, although I do think watches are being replace buy mobile phones

  44. I use to always wear a watch but don’t now

  45. I wear a watch normally, but I haven’t for the last few weeks for some reason!

  46. I used to love wearing a watch but do tend to use my mobile now instead

  47. I always used to wear a watch but I tend to think of them as a fashion acc now and rely on my phone, but I encourage my children to wear one

  48. I dont wear a watch as I have yet to find one that doesnt bring my wrist up in a rash :(

  49. I haven’t worn a watch in ages. Really should get back into the habit as it’s much easier looking at your wrist than rummaging in a bag to find your phone.

  50. I do wear one but its mostly a habit; I tend to look at my phone for the time more.

  51. I always wear one when going on a night out – I usually still use my phone though :)

  52. I love my watch I wouldn’t be with out it.

  53. I wear a watch but often pick up my phone to see the time rather than check my watch!

  54. I tend to forget to put mine on and end up checking my mobile

  55. yes i always wear a watch

  56. I wear a watch but do think it’s becoming a dying fashion which is a shame

  57. I do for work not day to day thou

  58. I do but I do think it will die out :(

  59. I do wear a watch. It is much easier to check the time. Try to find a mobile in my bag!

  60. I will never use a mobile over a watch, I couldn’t live without it

  61. yeah

  62. I don’t wear a watch but I think it is so important for children to learn how to tell the time.

  63. I don’t wear a watch, my mobile has made them redundant

  64. I don’t wear a watch but only because I haven’t replaced the battery in my watch

  65. havent worn a watch for ages

  66. I have never really liked wearing a watch but I do sometimes x

  67. I wear a watch, and I think most people still do, easier to look at my wrist than fiddling about looking for my mobile

  68. I rarely wear a watch – but always mean to! I usually forget my phone too, so I never have a clue what time it is.

  69. I do sometimes wear a watch but usually more of a fashion thing, everyone uses there mobiles now, its a shame really xx

  70. I have a watch but rarely wear it as i forget to put it on. I ought to though….nothing worse than searching your handbag to find your phone to see what the time is

  71. I haven’t worn a watch since I was about 16. I always took it off when doing exams and stuff, so just got out of the habit of wearing them. I do think the watches are becoming less popular in favour of phones, but children still love watches, or mine does, anyway :)

  72. i always wear a watch to me its also an assecorie too so cant be beaten by a mobile phone :)

  73. I do wear a watch and I don’t think it will die out, there are times when you can’t have your phone on you.
    rachael jess recently posted…Letters to my son – Nursery updateMy Profile

  74. I do tend to look at my mobile for the time x

  75. I’m wearing a watch, but my mobile telling more exact time :)

  76. I wear a watch always, but sometimes look at my phone for the time! Why I dont know! xx

  77. I wear a watch when I go out but I do think they are dying out in favour of mobile phones.

  78. i like to wear a watch and i also like the children to wear one as it helps them to learn the time , i dont think they are dying out as they look good as well

  79. i wear my watch most of the time and encourage my children too aswel so it helps them with their time telling :) mobiles are relied on for far too much now

  80. Neither me or my husband (both mid twenties) wear a watch. I think we’re a part of the generation who use phones and other digital media to tell the time.

  81. I do wear a watch, but most people i know only know the time by their mobile – if their mobile dies they have no clue of the time… Sad really that not as many people wear a watch nowadays… I love watches!!! 😀
    A lovely giveaway, my son would absolutely love a moshi monster watch! 😀
    Thank you!
    Laura Williams

  82. I don’t wear a watch i use my mobile, It does seem to be dying out and i want my children to be able to tell the time properly not just rely on digital clocks, so i think it is important for them to wear a watch.

  83. I don’t wear a watch much these days because I’m always left with a rash on my wrist, but I would prefer to use a watch if I could rather than my mobile phone.

  84. No I don’t wear a watch and I do use my phone for the time.

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