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The Lego Galaxy Squad

We’ve already established what an absolute child I am. But what I haven’t told you about is how much worse my other half is. We make a great pair. *rolls eyes*

So when we were asked to go to the Space Centre in Leicester (I’ll tell you all about how ace the space centre was in a few days) for a Lego event, after I’d finished running around the room whooping, I naturally had to ask if he could come along too.

His eyes lit up when I told where we were going and why.

We went to be introduced to this fantastic new range of Lego – The Galaxy Squad: sent to protect us from the hoard of space bugs taking over the galaxy.

Lego galaxy squad

There are eight fantastic sets ranging from £7.99 to £79.99 and most of them are split function, meaning you get two Lego craft that join together to make one large craft.

I love this new range and I have a sneaky feeling that a few of them might be finding their way home to our house over the next few months. And hurried upstairs so that the other half can construct them away from the children’s prying eyes and fingers.

lego galaxy squad

Dan is a fan of the large blue Galactic Titan which is a tank type vehicle (technical term) and a space ship which combine together to make a huge  monster of a machine on rubber quad tracks.

galactic titan

My favourite was the Hive Crawler, which Dan built whilst we were there, where the legs move when you push it along and it fire catapults. It was really creepy.

dan hive IMG_0760

And the Lego building didn’t stop there. There were Lego events going on at the Space Centre all day. They had a master builder from Bright Bricks whose job it is to build Lego – another job I’d love – who was judging competitions for people to build their own space vehicle where the winners got Lego.

There were an awful lot of dads getting involved in this one.


And there was also a giant mosaic to build. We all got given an instruction sheet and a square Lego base and had to fill it in. And then it got placed in the large mosaic. It was pretty cool to contribute to something like that.


All that and we got spend several hours exploring the Space Centre which I will tell you about in a few days. It was one of the best days out ever.

Thank you Lego and the lovely Space Centre.

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