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Speedquizzing at your child’s party

When we call to mind the activities we’re used to seeing at a children’s party, few of us would immediately think of a quiz – you’re probably thinking pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, balloon animals, children’s entertainers and so on… Well that’s all well and good, but these activities lacs a certain individuality. They’re run of the mill.

An increasingly large number of parents are breaking the mould by hosting parties for their children which feature activities that offer a refreshing change from the classic party pursuits (which you can still include in the festivities anyway). One such activity is Speedquizzing.

What is Speedquizzing and what makers it particularly appealing to children?

Speedquizzing is an inventive quizzing format for the 21st Century. Teams gather round a smartphone or tablet each and ‘buzz’ in by pressing the screen to give their answer, thus removing the possibility of players looking up the answers on their internet-capable devices. Speedquizzing adds an excitingly frenetic element to quizzing, offering the closest thing to a Who Wants to be a Millionaire fastest-finger-first style quizzing experience this side of the TV screen.

Speedquizzing is particularly appealing to children because it offers the fun and tactile interface of the touch screen ‘buzzer’, appealing to that competitive spark that seems to come naturally to the very young.

Won’t it be too much like school? And what about the child who comes last?

To some families, a quiz at a party sounds a little too much like hard work.  However, with the possibility to choose the question set to suit the audience, the questions can be as low or high brow as you please; questions can be super-easy, rooted in kids’ pop culture, or challenging and aspirational. By offering the added incentive of (possibly chocolatey) prizes, you can add a new layer of reward to the experience and encourage full participation.

The problem with competitions is that generally, someone’s unfortunate enough to finish last, and we all know what a bad feeling that is, whatever our age. It’s a problem that’s simply avoided in Speedquizzing however, by playing in teams, not as individuals. Part of the fun of quizzing has always been creating a funny team name and having a laugh with your team-mates. What goes for grown-ups goes for the kids too in this case. Not only is this fun and easy you can also make money speed quizzing by signing up and hosting the events for people in your area.

For a children’s party with a difference, Speedquizzing could be the answer to parents’ prayers.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! I am always trying to come up with different ideas for my son’s birthday – will have to remember this for next year

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