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Sealife Centre at Manchester Trafford Centre

turtle sealife trafford manchester

I love Sealife centres and when I heard they were building one at the Trafford Centre in Manchester I was thrilled. And last week we finally got the chance to go and visit.

Given the amount of room they would have, it being under the Trafford Centre, I was a bit worried it would be teeny tiny, but that’s not the case. The space is utilised really well and it feels large and spacious. The fish, as you can imagine, are utterly gorgeous.

sealife fish

And the show when you enter is wonderful. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It nearly had me in tears.

It was a beautiful show done with lights and projection onto the floor about the birthing of turtles and their journey to the sea. It was really magical.

sealife manchester show

I was a bit worried that the kids would get bored after the first dozen or so fish, but the Sealife Centre have a sort of treasure trail for the kids. They are each given a booklet and they have to find the answers to the questions in the booklet as they go around the centre. There are stations around the centre for the kids to stamp their own booklets as they find the answers and at the end they get a prize for getting all the stamps.

divebook sealife manchester

manchester sealife review

It was really well done and kept the kids interested.

There is also a soft play centre just before the end which was a bit of a god send really – the kids got to a stage where they really needed to run off some energy and this came at just the right time.

Children under 3 are free and if you book online it’s £12 per person. I’d advise booking online because even at 10:30 on a Saturday morning the queue for buying on the door was 30 minutes.

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  1. We love the SeaLife Centre, i especiallu liked being able to change the colour of the jellyfish. It appealed to my inner child!

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