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PL-UG Den Kit Review – brilliant new den building kit

PL-UG Den Kits, the brilliant new den building kits from PL-UG.

PL-UG den building kit review

I fell in love with these kits at the toy fair in London a couple of weeks ago and was lucky enough to be given one of the kits to try out – the first PL-UG Den Kit ever given out! How excited I was coming home. Almost as excited as the kids to open the box and play.

We have been building dens in every room of the house and can’t wait until the weather improves so we can take our kit outside.

The PL-UG Den Kit comes with a selection of fasteners and grips for holding the sheets. All of the fasteners and grips connect together easily and are made of strong, durable plastic.

PL-UG den building kit review

There are 4 grips for holding the sheet, two hooks which are perfect for fastening to radiators and chairs, two clamps which are brilliant for attaching to tables and bookshelves and a couple of suckers for sticking onto windows and glass doors.

PL-UG den kit review

The PL-UG Den Kit is a brilliant idea to help kids build their dens without taking away the creativity involved in den building. Our kids have always struggled a bit with den building and getting the sheets or blankets to stay where they want them. And living in quite a small house they have always found it hard to find the room.

With the PL-UG Den kit they can attach the sheet to the windows, book shelves and radiators as well as the  more traditional tables, chairs and maidens. The PL-UG Den Kit has really opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to making hidy-holes, dens and superhero’s secret lairs.

PL-UG den building kit review

PL-UG den building kit review PL-UG den building kit review

I honestly don’t have a negative thing to say about this kit – the kids have had endless fun with it incorporating dens into most of their pretend play and getting creative with where they can build them. The fasteners are durable and haven’t shown any sign of weakening or breaking, even when dogs were introduced to the games, and I can see the novelty lasting for a very long time. Especially once the weather warms up and the grass dries out – I foresee lots of camping and picnics going on with this set in the summer.

Coming soon to toy retailers around the UK the PL-UG den kits will be available in 3 sets: The Den Kit which includes includes several den building fasteners RRP £15; The Canopy Den Kit which includes a sheet and several fasteners RRP £25;  The Ultimate Den Kit which includes fasteners, sheet and poles RRP £50.

WIN A Den Kit

win a pl-ug den kit

PL-UG are running a competition on their Facebook page to win an Ultimate Den Kit worth £50 just for liking them. Plus you get to keep up to date with when and where the PL-UG Den Kits are available to buy. You can find out more information and see lots of lovely pictures of dens on their website


  1. What a fantastic idea!! Always struggle when trying to find things to hold blankets up to make a den!!
    Sim @ Sims Life recently posted…Surprising Weekly Weight Loss PostMy Profile

  2. It looks amazing. We ended up last year with tent pegs stabbed in the ground (outside!) and strings hooked around radiators, and clothes pegs everywhere – this is a great set, absolutely genius! :)
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted…My Own Desert Island DiscsMy Profile

  3. We saw these at Toy Fair as well. Fantastic! Love them!

  4. looks fab or indoors! hope I win one
    Becky Willoughby (@LakesSingleMum) recently posted…Reasons to be Cheerful: Week 6 – 2014 #R2BCMy Profile

  5. How cool! I would love one of these. I loved building a den ‘or fort’ as we called it as a kid. They would make cool gifts too!
    Erin recently posted…Book Your Free Trial Baby Bonding ClassMy Profile

    Bewildered Bug recently posted…Comment on The dangers of birth control by BewilderedBugMy Profile

  7. Oh wow – this is brill! Our dens always seem to sink in the middle; the sheet isn’t big enough to be propped between cushions or the knots come unti from around the bannisters! This looks like it would solve all our problems :)
    Katie Clark recently posted…8 Things That Change When You Have Children – And Why They’re Not So Bad Afterall!My Profile

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