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New 20mph Areas In Bury

streetsafe 20mph zones in Bury

In a week that has seen my two young children learning about road safety at school and me trying to help them learn how to cross a road safetly, I have to say I’m thrilled that there will be more 20mph zones around Bury’s residential areas.

There will be  seven new schemes are about to become operative tomorrow,  17 October 2013. These are at:

  • Rudgwick Drive area, Bury;
  • Holcombe Lee/Carrwood Hey area, Ramsbottom;
  • Redvales Road area, Bury;
  • Egerton Road area, Whitefield;
  • Fir Street estate, Ramsbottom;
  • Woodley Avenue area, Radcliffe;
  • Hamilton Road area, Whitefield.

Works on other schemes in other areas of the borough are also already in progress and these will come into operation in the coming weeks. These are at:

·  Chesham Road area, Bury;

·  Elton area, Bury;

·  Bolton Road/Turks Road estates, Radcliffe;

·  Bent Lane/Ostrich Lane, Prestwich.

Councillor Tony Isherwood, cabinet member for environment, said: “I am delighted to see 20mph schemes being introduced throughout the borough. In residential areas, driving over 20mph is simply too fast. By supporting our StreetSafe strategy residents will be helping to reduce vehicle speeds and the number and severity of accidents in the borough.

“Speeding is dangerous and we want StreetSafe to make a big difference.  With your help we can reduce the possibility of parents and families losing a child.”

20mph zones and speed limits in residential areas aim to increase drivers’ awareness of the dangers and anti-social aspects of speeding in roads and streets where people live. This in turn helps to make neighbourhoods better places to live and encourages communities to get out more and lead healthier lives.

A list of 20mph schemes currently under consideration can be viewed at Consultations on individual schemes are ongoing at

What do you think? Are you pleased to see these new zones?


  1. Definitely, especially near schools or in areas where there are narrow roads and lots of cars. :)
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted… ~ Flowers by Post ReviewMy Profile

    • It is amazing how many people insist on doing 30mph in these areas. TBH I’d be quite happy if they made all residential estates 20mph as the norm. It would be much safer.

  2. Great idea!! As Jenny said – near schools! I am always shocked at how quickly people drive by schools… ridiculous!
    Sim @ Sims Life recently posted…Review: Halloween And Bonfire Night Sweets From The GobstopperMy Profile

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