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I Went On A Sea Trek At Manchester Sea Life Centre

I’ve never been diving although it’s something I’ve always fancied so I was a bit nervous about what to expect but mostly just very excited when I was asked to go on a Sea Trek at the Sea Life Centre in Manchester. A SeaTrek is just as it sounds, walking along the bottom of one of the tanks full of fish.

seatrek manchester sealife centre review

Before we went in to the tank, we first had to get changed into wetsuits (you need only take with you a towel and swim wear) over our swimwear and then were given a few lessons. The guys there were really friendly and talked us through the helmet we would be wearing and the hand signals to use – a thumbs up means you want to go back up to the surface whereas an okay sign means everything is fine.

seatrek manchester sealife centre review

And then we were ready to go.

I was first into the tank and equally as nervous as I was excited.

seatrek manchester sealife centre review

The helmet is lowered onto your head by a winch as it weighs a considerable amount when out of water – although in water it weighs just 6kgs. They also strapped some weights around my ankles just to make sure I wasn’t going to float away. Once you have the helmet on you start to slowly descend the ladder down into the tank. You have to keep popping your ears by wiggling your jaw, like you do on a plan, as you go down but it’s not very far down and you are soon stood on the sandy bottom of the tank amongst the small shark, fish and with stingrays swimming overhead.

Standing up under water is a very strange sensation and feeling the water lapping at your neck whilst your face is dry and listening to the hiss of the air in your helmet is all very peculiar.

Once we were all down the steps – there were 5 of us – we went for a walk around the tank.


seatrek manchester sealife centre review

seatrek manchester sealife centre review

seatrek manchester sealife centre review

seatrek manchester sealife centre review

The turtle kept swimming over us, coming up really close, the rays were swimming around above us and the tiny sharks were darting in between our legs. When you stood really still a shoal of fish would come up and nibble at your suit, giving you a funny tickling sensation all over.

I have no idea how long we were under the water, but it was ample time to sea everything and really get up close to the sea creatures. Walking around under water was odd – your body moves so slowly under the water that it feels as though life is going on in slow motion.

I absolutely loved the Sea Trek and would go again tomorrow if I could.

And it’s not a bad price either. For just £60pp you get your hour long Sea Trek experience including your lesson plus you get access to the Sea Life Centre afterwards. It’s such a great experience and I would thoroughly recommend it. A Sea Trek would make a great Christmas present for someone too.






  1. That looks like it was amazing!
    amanda walsh recently posted…Daily Ramblings – I’m BackMy Profile

  2. It does look such fun – a real once-in-a-lifetime :)
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted…Pom-Bear Halloween EditionMy Profile

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