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How Family Friendly Is La Tasca?

I’ve eaten at La Tasca at the Trafford Centre a few times in the past but I’ve never ventured in with children before so when they invited us to go and do a family review of the restaurant I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t sure how well they were going to do.

When we arrived there were plenty of other tables with children which is always a positive sign. And they had the children’s menu which doubled up as an activity sheet and colouring pack all waiting for us.

The kids menu is £5.95 for a choice of three of the children’s tapas, a dessert and a drink.

la tasca childrens menu

When it came the food was lovely. It was the same as the adults tapas pretty much.

kids tapas.jpg

It was very nice food and I loved the idea of children’s tapas so that they can pick and choose and try different things, however I don’t think there’s enough food on the board. My 6 year old ate all of hers, ordered an extra fish, had her brothers tortilla and a plate of our adult paella, some of the flat bread we had as a starter and still had room for her dessert and some of ours and she’s a wee skinny slip of a thing. Her four year old friend had two extra dishes as well as what was on her plate.

My son, the consummate picky eater, ate nothing but chips and then complained he was starving when we got home – typical.

Us adults had a sharing oven baked flat bread for a starter, which was delicious.

oven baked flat bread la tasca review

And then lots of tapas for our main. So many that I can’t remember them all. They were all lovely and I don’t think we left anything uneaten.

tapas at la tasca review

For dessert the children had the chocolate brownie with ice-cream

childrens menu la tasca

And us adults had some lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate and then some churos and chocolate.

churos and chocolate la tasca

Or at least we would have done if the gannets hadn’t swooped in.

churos and chocolate la tasca

How family friendly were La Tasca?

I’d give them an 6/10 mainly because we would have had to spend a lot of money to fill up the 6 year old.

Good points:
The children’s tapas is a super idea.
The food is lovely
The children’s menu is reasonably priced.
The staff were very friendly and helpful.
They had children’s activity packs and crayons.
Their were other children around and children were welcome.

Bad points:

When we asked for cordial for the children after we sat down they brought us cordial neat and bottled water at £1.95 a bottle. Nobody thought to tell us there was a drink included with the children’s meal and nobody thought to bring tap water instead of expensive bottled water. We asked for tap water later and they do serve it, you just had to make a point of asking for it. Considering they’d had one cordial each (there were 3 kids) their drinks bill came to £6.55. That’s more than the price of an extra children’s meal.

The portion sizes of the children’s tapas is too small for any child over aged 5. My 6 year old ate over double what was originally brought to her and still had room for two desserts and her 4 year old friend ate two extra portions of tapas before she was full.

Would we take the children again?

I honestly don’t think we would. Not because there is anything wrong with the food but because we would have to either pay adult prices for my daughter or buy her two children’s meals which, at 6 years old, is ridiculous.

But I would absolutely go there again without the children. The food was wonderful.


  1. That’s really interesting to know, although my little boys eat like sparrows at teatime, so maybe we’d be okay for them! I’ve never been but I think my lot would love it – the food does indeed look lovely :)

  2. That’s a shame isn’t it! And £1.95 for cordial? Blimey!

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