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Home Schooling in Bury and Manchester

manchester sealife reviewA few weeks ago we made the decision to take our children out of school and home school them. It was a big step for our family and one which we spent a lot of time researching, but overall it seemed like the best option for our children who were not thriving in school as they ought to be.

Three weeks in to home schooling and already I can see a big difference in the kids. They are much happier, more chatty and smile and laugh all the time. My son especially is much more relaxed and more curious about the world around him and how things work since he is no longer being forced to go to school.

We are very lucky to live in an area with great support for home schoolers from other home education families with meet ups to attend, activities and days out organised as well as Yahoo and Facebook groups.

For anyone in the area that home schools or is thinking about it I would heartily recommend the Prestwich Home Ed group on Yahoo run by Prue from Adventures in Home schooling. As well as having a lovely Yahoo group that you can find here, there is also a weekly meet up which the kids love.

There is also a Greater Manchester Yahoo group for home schoolers called Madcow, as well as various Facebook groups that I have found.

All of these groups have been such a great source of help, information and support and make it so easy to get out and meet other home schoolers in the area.

I will keep you updated on our Home School journey as we go, but so far we are absolutely loving it.


  1. I’m glad it’s going so well and that there is so much out there for information sharing :)
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted…An actual romantic meal for two!My Profile

  2. We are just thinking of home schooling one of our children until the end of the year, we live in prestwich, Bury and just don’t know how and who to speak to to start the process officially. Any information would really help us.

  3. Hi Heather,

    I have an aspergers son and I am wanting to do the same. I like in Fairfield. Would it be possible to provide me with some local links , resources and information with regards to home schooling in Bury?

    For me the biggest concern is not the teaching part it is the social interaction and support and advice from other parents


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