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Essentials To Make Your Child’s Outdoor Birthday Bash Memorable

Coming up with ideas for a child’s birthday party feels natural for some parents; for others, the process of planning can be stressful. Monash University researchers point out that the anxiety attached to party planning has nothing to do with finances: it’s about being the most creative and incorporating the most DIY-touches that stay consistent with the theme of the party.

But this certainly doesn’t have to be the case, as with thoughtful planning, your child’s birthday party can be an event of joy with little stress on your shoulders. And if you’re among the brave souls who have picked the outdoors for the event, remember that keeping your child and the guests entertained will be the key to a memorable bash.

The following essentials will also define the success of the occasion:

1.  Décor

First and foremost, you need to think about the décor and the theme that will appeal to your child, and some budget-friendly additions that will complement the occasion when the night falls.

Staying with the DIY trend, you can buy some folding paper medallions and place them over the birthday table, but make sure that you vary the size accordingly and go with an appropriate colour scheme. Likewise, folded paper fans will also make a decent party centrepiece.

The lighting will also be important for setting a distinctive mood. According to, outdoor lights are an important element for open air parties because they add class to the festivities. Select from flameless lanterns and LED string lights, which not only add to the ambiance with their aesthetic appeal, but also come in handy during the later, darker hours.

2.  Activities

Activities and games are necessary to prevent the bash from turning into a yawn-fest. They also give the little ones liberty to mingle, chatter and get some exercise. Moreover, activities are also a great way to keep the adult guests entertained.

For example, you can plan a blob tag game for the kids where they save themselves from the growing blob. Whenever a player gets tagged, he or she becomes a part of the blob which then grows and chases the remaining players. A four-person blob splits up into a two-pair (two-person blob) and tries to tag other players. The last person tagged becomes the blob and then the game restarts.

An outdoor scavenger hunt could also be planned and this game can also involve other parents. A list of items to be found can be common objects in your backyard, such as a pebble rock or a purple leaf. The lists can be distributed to the guests and small souvenirs can be given out to teams that complete the list.

3. Menu

The scrumptious treats and food items served at a birthday bash are one of its best parts. But while preparing the menu, you need to consider food allergies and select recipes that are kid-pleasers.

Mac and cheese works well on most occasions and you can also make it a healthy low-calorie party dish by selecting cheddar cheese, low-fat milk, low calorie butter and whole grain macaroni.

For satisfying the sweet tooth, homemade cookies can be an ideal and frugal option. The staples such as eggs, sugar and flour are quite inexpensive and chocolate chips don’t necessarily have to be gourmet, as kids don’t notice whether it’s a standard or a gourmet topping.



  1. My sister’s birthday is mid Summer – she always had an outdoor party and I was always incredibly jealous! :)
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted…Wonderworld Recycling Game GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Love your ideas for an outdoor birthday party! A lot of these ideas work for an indoor party, too, so…bonus! Thanks for including our scavenger hunt activity in your article! We’re happy to be shared :)

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