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Do Toys Influence Careers?

argosWill buying your child a Furby make them into a teacher, or buying them Lego turn them into engineers? Do the toys your children choose to play with now give you an indication of just what they might want to be when they grow up? According to research carried out by Opinion Matters and published by Argos, this could be just the case.


Play time not only provides fun and games but can also give parents a glimpse into what the futures might hold for their little ones. From displaying and early affinity to animals to an eye for design detail, these qualities can in fact be spotted through children’s choice in toys.

“Observing how children choose the toys they want to pay with and how they play with them can give clues into their future interests and possible jobs.” said author and parenting expert, Anita Naik.

But before you all rush off and buy them an abacus because you want to raise accountants or the game Operation because you’ve always fancied having a doctor in the family and getting their names down for a course at Kaplan already, it’s only really a bit of fun this speculation malarkey.

After all I used to love playing monopoly and it certainly didn’t turn me into a high flying business mogul. I don’t even own a single train station. I must be such a disappointment to my parents.

As Andrea Abbis, Chief Toy Buyer (seriously, I want her job!) at Argos said “Play time needs to be fun, so we see it as a bonus if this activity then goes on to inspire our children and develop new interests.”

So what career paths do your children’s toys suggest?

Furby builds confidence and empathy, a skills which could lead to becoming a teacher. Where as Texsta Dog helps build empathy and a love of animals and could lead to a career as a vet, dog walker or zoo keeper.

For nurses and doctors, Elmo Hugs and LeapFrog extra are recommended for encouraging patience, loving and research and a desire for information.

If it’s a banker you desire then you can’t go far wrong with monopoly and for engineers, Lego is the obvious choice.

Ha, if only it were so easy. I’m 33 and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe I should take some inspiration from the Argos catalog.  That or go and ask Andrea Abbis how one becomes a chief toy buyer.





  1. If that were true my sister would be a mechanic and I’d be a hairdresser :) as it goes, she works for the police and I make sandwiches…

  2. great article i enjoyed it, i loved dolls and barbies and fancy dress and i ended up in a boring building society for over half my life, maybe i should have been a princess??

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