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Black Sheep Wools Have Turned Me Into A Crochet Addict

I met the ladies from Black Sheep Wools at Blog On, a northern blogging conference, this summer. They were very friendly and gave us all a goody bag with some wool, a crochet hook and some instructions in. A few weeks later I found myself getting very frustrated with this hook and wool as I struggled to understand just how on earth you were supposed to do this whole crochet thing.

It wasn’t just their instructions, I scoured the internet and watch endless youtube videos but I just couldn’t get my head around it. I could manage a chain stitch to make the bottom row, but could not for the life of me figure out how you then moved on to the next row. All I was managing to crochet was a really thin scarf for a Barbie. Not the most useful thing ever.

So when they offered to bring a bunch of us bloggers into their Craft Barn in Warrington and teach us, I leapt at the chance. I was utterly determined to learn how to crochet. It was great to sit with Helen, Angela and Emma and all learn together.

blacksheepwools learning to crochet

And learn I did! Cath and Lesley from black Sheep Wools were as friendly and nice as I remembered them from the conference and having their hands on help to show us exactly what to do and what  we were doing terribly wrong was brilliant. ~They taught us what a chain stitch is, how to move on to the next level, how to do double, trebles and double trebles.

Admittedly my first piece did end up look more darlek shaped than square as I dropped stitches left right and centre.darlek shaped crochet

But when I got home I tried again.

learning to chrochet with black sheep wools

And again

learning to chrochet with black sheep wools

And then tried my hand at a granny square.

learning to crochet granny square

I used this youtube video to help me make it and the pictures in this blog post to get my head around how they are built up, but I could never have got this far without the help from Black Sheep Wools showing me those first stitches and helping me understand what the stitches should look like so that you know when you have got it right or wrong. And more importantly, why it went wrong.

And one with two different colours in it.

learning to crochet granny square

They are far from perfect but I am so proud that I have got this far in such a short time.

Next up, a big project. I’m looking at this blanket from Little Tin Bird’s blog.

little tin bird granny square blanket

Which is going to need a whole lot of wool,I guess. So I shall be heading back down to Black Sheep Wools craft barn this week to pick some up.

I never thought I’d be this excited about wool.

Free Crochet and Knitting Workshops

Black Sheep Wools have a bunch of free workshops at their Craft Barn in Warrington. they have a Friday SOS group where you can take something you are working on and ask them for help on something you are stuck on and a knitting/crocheting group every Tuesday and Sunday morning where you go along and meet other knitters or crocheters and have a natter whilst working on your latest creation.

The Craft Barn

The craft barn itself is well worth a visit: it is stuffed full with wools of all sorts of colours and sizes as well as books and patterns. Plus ther is a cafe which does outstanding cake. What more could you need in life?

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  1. That is awesome!! You have done so well and moved on from your Dalek 😛
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