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Berg Go-Kart from Activity Toys Direct – review

The Berg Toys Buddy go-kart from Activity Toys Direct is quite possibly the most awesome pedal go-kart in the world. It’s a magnificent beast that is both sturdy and solid and yet easy to pedal for young kids and is a firm favourite in our household.

I’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve spent standing on the pavement at the front of our house watching them pedal enthusiastically up and down the street.

berg buddy go-kart activity toys direct

In fact it is so popular in our house that they’ve also been known to go out in their pjs and have a ride on it! Now in the middle of winter that’s pretty impressive.

berg buddy go-kart activity toys direct

From a kids point of view it’s cool looking, easy to pedal and tonnes of fun. From a parents point of view it is just as awesome. It is strong, sturdy and well built; the brake-by-back-pedaling system is amazing – I was dubious about it and thought it would be hard to use but it works on gears and brakes the kart really well without jarring the kids legs; the kart can be pedaled both backwards and forwards and the axles are swing axles meaning that all of the wheels stay on the floor over rough ground.

It also has an adjustable seat and whilst Activity Toys Direct say it’s for up to 8 year olds, my daughter who wears age-8 clothes is still only on the middle setting for the seat so I think it would do for kids older than that too. The steering wheel also adjusts.

berg buddy go-kart activity toys direct

This picture was taken before we adjusted the seat to the middle position for the 8 year old.

berg buddy go-kart activity toys direct

The kids love riding it and I have nothing bad to say about it at all. It’s safe enough that I’m happy for them to use it near the road, it’s well made, robust and even comes with a two year guarantee.

In the words of my five year old: “It’s awesome mum. Even Santa couldn’t have brought me a more awesome go-kart! Can we go out now and ride it?”

So there you have it – a brilliant go-kart that comes with the full seal of approval of a pedal happy five year old and his mum. Now I’ve got to go, I’ve a small child to watch pedaling up and down the street until it goes dark.

The Berg Toys Buddy go-kart in orange is £215 from and comes with a 2 year guarantee. It can be accessorized with a fab looking junior trailer, a flag or even a flashing light.

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  1. That’s brilliant – go-carts are the best fun! Perfect for Christmas :)
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